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    Asian face washes and cleansers to help you achieve the deepest clean for your skin type

    Asian face washes and cleansers to help you achieve the deepest clean for your skin type

    Asian face washes and cleansers to help you achieve the deepest clean for your skin type

    Every great skincare routine starts with the perfect face wash. Our picky team will help you find the right Japanese or Korean cleansers to address your skin concerns, so you can feel fresh, clean, and rejuvenated every single day. 

    As we continue to look for ways to define the passing days and sustain our spirits in fast-changing times, having a routine can make a big difference. Beginning each morning and concluding every night with your own skincare regimen offers a small, but tangible salve to those ends.

    Following our last conversation about sunscreens, we sat down with our resident skincare curator Hei to chat about common cleansing concerns and how hiyuzu's favorite Korean and Japanese skincare brands can help us tackle them. 

    Do I need to double cleanse? 

    “We suggest double cleansing when you’re wearing sunscreen or make-up, if your skin tends to clog up easily, or if you have any blackhead or whitehead concerns. Double cleansing helps your skin resurface by removing dirt, oils, and everyday pollution. As a general rule, you should always double cleanse if you have any pore concerns.

    I personally really enjoy double cleansing even though I don't typically wear make-up—only sunscreen. You should also only double cleanse at night. Double cleansing in the daytime is not necessary. If you are on the drier side, I would say that cleansing in the daytime can be optional, too.

    But whenever you feel like you just want to freshen up or if you feel like your skin still has products from the night before, it’s good to use a facial cleanser to start your routine. You can use a make-up remover first, then apply a water-based cleanser.

    What if I don’t want to use an oil-based make-up remover?

    “If you prefer to use something like micellar water instead of an oil-based make-up remover, you should start with a water-based cleanser first, and then use micellar water. Micellar water can act as a toner and at the same time remove any residue that’s leftover from your make-up or sunscreen.”

    What’s your favorite micellar water?

    “Our favorite is the Son & Park Beauty Water. This was created by two top Korean make-up artists. It’s a multi-tasking toner and make-up remover. It almost feels like a watery serum or a toning essence. It can boost your skincare routine more than your typical micellar water.”

    What cleanser would you recommend for dry skin?

    “For dry skin, I personally really enjoy the Nursery Yuzu Make Up & UV Cleansing Gel and the Heimish Mini All Clean Green Foam. They both feel sort of creamy and sud up a little bit. I love that the Nursery Yuzu Gel is so gentle and isn’t overly heavy. Even though I love this for my dry skin, I actually recommend this for all skin types."

    When should I use a balm or oil cleanser? When should I use a micellar toner?

    “A cleansing balm, oil cleanser, or micellar water can be used whenever you want to remove sunscreen or make-up. I recommend going with the texture that’s best for your skin. For example, a cleansing balm would be good for dry skin. I generally recommend cleansing oil for all skin types, but if you prefer non-oily cleansers, I recommend micellar water.”

    What's your favorite cleansing balm?

    "Definitely the Nursery Cleansing Balm Yuzu. I love the way this luxurious balm melts into my skin and removes all the sunscreen or makeup I've been wearing all day. It also has a gentle hint of yuzu and really makes my evening routine."

    It’s summer and my skin feels oilier than usual. What products would you recommend for oily or acne-prone skin?

    “You might want to use a foam cleanser if you have oily skin or are looking for a deeper cleanse. Go for anything that’s calming. The Neogen Real Fresh Foam Green Tea is wonderful. This cleanser is infused with green tea leaves—you can literally see the leaves inside the bottle. It’s amazing how you can actually see it fermenting in the formulation. And it’s also pre-foamed. So, all you have to do is pump, and you get a nice fluffy dollop of foam. It deep cleans and, at the same time, is very easy on the skin.”

    Can you talk a little more about foaming cleansers? Because they’re so deep cleaning, I’m worried they may strip my skin.

    I wouldn't normally recommend foaming cleansers for anyone who has dry or dehydrated skin. The foaming cleansers that we do carry at hiyuzu are specially catered to sensitive skin types, so they will not vigorously strip your skin. We really enjoy the cleansing foams we have—their formulations are intended for all skin types and give a deep clean as well.” 

    If I have oily skin, should I not use an oil cleanser?

    “That is a misconception. An oil cleanser can help you grab onto excess oils, get deep into those pores, and clean out blackheads and whiteheads. And whatever residue is leftover after using a cleansing oil can be removed using a foaming cleanser. So, this goes back to your double-cleansing routine. 

    A water-based cleanser as a second step can help remove dirt and anything that your first-step oil cleanser does not. This way you still absorb all these wonderful oils that were in the oil cleanser. You'll get to keep the good stuff while removing excess oils, and retain just enough moisture.”

    What are your favorite cleansers for sensitive skin?

    “I would opt for cleansers with minimal ingredients, like Rohto Hada Labo Gokujyun Hyaluronic Foaming Facial Wash. Or the Heimish Mini All Clean Green Foam. The Hada Labo foam is unscented and so easy to use since it's already pre-foamed. Its pH 5.5 is perfect for all skin types, but specifically for combination to oily skin or for those looking for a deeper cleanse. 

    The Heimish Mini All Clean Green Foam is a gentle cream cleanser but still foams up a bit. It contains Centella Asiatica Extract to really soothe the skin as you cleanse it. I love that it leaves my skin silky and dewy.” 



    How often do you change your cleanser?

    “I don’t think changing your cleanser is necessary, but if you ever feel like you want to switch up your cleanser based on the season, that is definitely something you can do. For example, you may want to use a foaming cleanser in the summer. Then, in the fall or winter, you might want to opt for a gel or cream. And in the spring, you can transition back to a deeper cleaning product.”

    What's something new you're excited about?

    "Super excited for Purito From Green Deep Foaming Cleanser, Purito's newest arrival. It has Green Tea and Centella Asiatica. Compared to their Defence Barrier pH Cleanser, this one has more of a cream texture and creates micro-bubbles that help to unclog my pores. I highly suggest using this, especially in the summer."

    Any more questions for our team? Leave a comment below!

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