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    How to spot an original Pitta Mask

    How to spot an original Pitta Mask

    How to spot an original Pitta Mask

    Pitta Mask is a revolutionary face mask made out of Arax's signature polyurethane material. The 3-D mesh structure blocks 99% of pollen. It's comfortable, stylish, reusable, and made in Japan.

    Some of our friends have asked us, "how can I tell if the Pitta Mask I have is real or fake?"

    We did some research and discovered six telltale signs to distinguish an original from a counterfeit (paired with photos of some of the genuine Pitta Masks we have here at hiyuzu):

    1. The packaging should be sturdy, somewhat matte on the front, and well-printed. There should be no typos—e.g. "Pitta" is spelled with two t's. 

    2. This mask always comes in a set of 3; they are not sold as singles.

    3. The plastic seal that covers each individual mask should be sturdy and of good quality. It should be slightly frosted—not completely translucent.

    4. The mask should perfectly contour to your face and leave no gaps. The loops of the original Pitta Mask expand so as not to cause strain behind the ears. 

    5. Stitching! If you see any signs of faulty stitching it means pollen can leak in.

    6. Look for a unique batch code—each set of masks should have its own code.

    Want your own original Pitta Mask? We've got you covered. Get one in gray, light graywhitepink, or navy.

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